Forest Garden

It is a fun and fruitful wooded space for everyone to enjoy.  Within the garden the children explore forestry and wood production. 

It was designed for children to watch, grow, nurture, eat and smell fresh produce. The area is a special place to share together, attracting birds, butterflies, insects and a variety of wildlife.  They can dig in the soil, see worms, make potions, and explore the earth. The area offers shade for children to relax in a natural environment.

The garden also offers a play space encouraging children to move, clamber, jump, stretch, bend, run and use all their senses.

During the summer period the older children have the opportunity to take part in Forest school sessions led by Tom Handley (Forest school teacher)


The Forest garden has a designated allotment space where children can plant, grow and eat their own foods.


"The sound of a creature not stirring" 

Sap rising

Snowflakes forming and falling



Dew on the grass

A seed germinating

An earthworm moving through the soil

Cactus baking in the sun


An apple ripening


A spider weaving its web

(the sounds you cannot hear in the woods) Julia Fletcher