Outdoor play area

Children love outdoor play and the nursery offers a large safe and secure outdoor space.  It is divided into age appropriate spaces which are accessed from the children's rooms.  This ensures that all the children can play in peace and quiet within their own age group.  The areas have a colourful safety surface so children can explore climbing frames, bikes, trikes and scooters. To engage their imagination we have sand pits, water troughs, den building, builders yard, crates and wooden bricks for creating structures and modes of transport. The class room is extended outside by taking painting, mark making, counting, threading and small world, ensuring the early years foundation stage programme continues. 

Mud kitchen

We have created a mud kitchen where children can interact with earth and water.  They can mix soil, water and a range of other natural materials.  The kitchen includes elements of the much loved domestic corner and cooking from indoor play, which are then greatly enriched through the special nature of being outside. So the children can explore during wet weather and winter months we ask you to provide water proof suits and wellies to keep them dry and warm. Children cannot catch a cold by being out in the cold - actually playing outside might protect them from colds as viruses are more likely to pass from child to child when kept inside.  A child with a cold or sniffle who is feeling well enough can still play outside provided they are kept warm and dry with suitable clothing.  We ensure the children have plenty of fluids to drink, avoid them getting over tired, and too hot or too cold. (Kids Exercise.co.uk) 

Taking risks and experiencing challenges

Young children test themselves as part of growing up and become good at working out what their body can and cannot do.  This involves a degree of risk - for them and for us.  Falling down is part of growing up.  When children are able to try out new things with their body, they develop the confidence to use it well and to believe in their own decisions.  (Taken from "Going out to play and learn" by Marjorie Ouvry)