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Policies and procedures regarding School Admissions

'Guide for parents' policies and procedures regarding school admissions can be found on the Wakefield council website. Please see the link below:

Wakefield Familes Together 

Wakefield Families Together brings services together, so that it’s easier for you to find and access the support you need, at the earliest opportunity.

We want children and families to tell us they are happy, healthy, and safe. Wakefield Families Together are about working on your behalf so that if you have a concern about your child or family member, you only need to have one conversation with us, and we can direct you to the right support. You can access this support through your child’s school, family hub, or in the local community.

Find your local Family Hub to access support and find out what’s on offer through the What’s On Guides, here: Family Hubs – Wakefield Families Together

New Children’s Health Services App

The new Children’s Health Services App - HDFT is crammed with helpful advice and help on infant feeding, schools, immunisation, diet and exercise, local support and activities from all the Wakefield Families Together partners.  It’s free to download right now and available for both Android and Apple devices. 

Visit the website for more information: 

ICON - Babies cry you can cope

Babies cry for a multitude of reasons – and sometimes for no reason at all. But for anyone dealing with a crying baby, just remember:  

I – Infant crying is normal

C –Comforting methods can help

O – It’s OK to walk away

N – Never, ever shake a baby

Speak to someone if you need support such as your family, friends, Midwife, GP or Health Visitor.

For more advice and information please visit

Makaton CPR video