Partnerships with Parents

  Abacus Nursery - Our Vision

   Every child deserves the best possible start in life

• To be safe

• To be consulted, listened to and heard

• To be supported and cared for

• To be given opportunities to achieve & develop


Here at Abacus our aim is to give your child the best possible start, we do this by


• Providing high quality childcare in a happy and relaxed atmosphere

• Respecting cultural and ethnic beliefs of individual children & parents

• Encouraging independence

• Giving close support and quality interactions to each child whilst encouraging each child to express and develop their own ideas.

• Sharing the care & understanding of your child with you

• Building on your child’s existing skills by introducing them to a wide range of experiences

• Working within the ‘Every Child Matter’ Framework meeting the five outcomes through our routine, policy and procedure and childcare practice.

• Providing a balanced and varied routine

• Working with the Early Years Foundation Stage

• Planning activities that focus on early communication & language, mathematics, personal & social skills and contributes to children’s knowledge and understanding.

• We are committed to providing quality and accessible childcare.


We continually review our standards and the way in which we meet your childcare needs, in order to develop and improve our practice. We actively encourage parents to work in partnership with us and welcome ideas and suggestions.


 Sharing Your Childs Learning

All parents will be treated with respect taking account of racial group, religion, disability, gender, sexual preference or cultural background.

We want to share your child's experiences at nursery with you.We will give verbal daily feedback to you about your child's day and also discuss their development and learning.

We will build strong relationships with parents because it helps to ensure consistency and continuity between home and nursery.

Ongoing communication is paramount for both staff and parents to have a greater understanding of your child's individual needs.

Please go into the room and read the Keyperson board, add your own comments.  Share experiences with the Keyperson/room Team, by telling them your child's interests, new places visited and special events in home life.  We welcome your knowledge as your child's first educator, through email, notes and verbally. 

If your child attends another form of Childcare eg. Childminder, or another Nursery. We would like to share your child's interest/development and progress with the other setting. This enables us to provide consistent care for your child as the settings/carers work together. Please give us the relevant information to do this. Also please tell us if your child has been to a setting previously, then we can link with them to continue your child's learning journey.


Parents Group

Parents Meetings are held approximately every 2 months to discuss a variety of topics ie. fund raising and social events, guest speakers on child related topics. All parents are welcome. Notices are displayed in the entrance giving forthcoming events, meeting dates.


Newsletter/Notice Board

Newsletter and Information Notice Board.  A newsletter is produced to keep parents up-dated on nursery events. A notice board for parents information is situated in the reception/lobby area. Any dates of meetings, news issues, illness alert etc. will be on the board.


Other Professionals

The nursery has links with the following Professionals if a child or family needs extra support

  • Pre-5 's service
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Physiotherapists/Occupational Therapists
  • Health Visitors
  • Schools and other settings